About Kakurega

A stay at Kakurega is like going back in time. Kakurega means “hideaway” and can be found at the end of a hidden, narrow alleyway. This 60-year-old house that has been passed down for three generations has been lovingly restored into a guesthouse. Nicknamed “Grandma’s house” it has a homey atmosphere.

There’s a kitchen and common room on the first floor for guests to cook, relax or mingle with other guests. All three guest rooms on the second floor are flooded with sunlight. Two of the rooms have beds and the third room has straw mat flooring. You will sleep on a futon on the floor the way Japanese did in the past.

There are very few traditional houses still standing in Japan nowadays. At Kakurega you can see the type of house people lived in after the Second World War.

About the Area

Kakurega is a very short walk to the downtown area of Kagoshima and steps away from the nearest convenience store. The surrounding area is most beautiful when the cherry blossoms along Kotsuki river are in full bloom in the spring time. The path running along both sides of the river is a popular spot for walkers and joggers. On weekends you can see children playing and families having a picnic. If you love history just follow the river to Kagoshima City Museum of the Meiji Restoration or keep walking to Central Station where there are many shops and restaurants.

About the Owner

The owner was 100% involved in restoring the family house often cleaning and painting for many hours each day. She wants to create an atmosphere where residents, locals and businesses can make a connection. As a former backpacker she was fascinated with meeting people from all over the world. In the hopes of meeting more people and making connections with them she opened Kakurega in her hometown of Kagoshima.

How to find it

As the name suggests, it is a hideaway so most people can’t find it. The closest landmark is a brown building with the words “Iwashita Rice Store”. Just follow the alleyway and turn right at the end or just call the owner and she’ll come and fetch you so that you can start making connections right away!